The Basics to Finding Happiness

No one’s perfect including myself and I don’t think I am more motivated, better, or more disciplined than you. I simply found a way to make the best out of what I have by applying certain principles to my life.

To me, Life simply put is “a grey zone” because it means that each and every one of us has a different perception of what life really is. Perhaps our experience helps us define what we feel is the appropriate definition.

Change Your Perspective

I had just moved out of my mother’s house and had ended a 4-year relationship with my boyfriend. I remember just feeling an immense void but not quite being able to put my finger on it. I was focusing a lot of what I had lost and I was spiraling deeper and deeper into a dark hole. I was constantly repeating to myself that time was going to heal everything. But at the same time I knew something had to change and the only person able to do that was me.  If I wanted to be happy again, I knew what I had to do.

“After Each Rain Comes Sunshine”.


The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder so next time you take a walk, pay attention to your surroundings and take a moment to appreciate the simple little things in life. It could be the sound of the cars in the city, the birds singing, the fresh morning breeze.  Rather than choosing to see everything you don’t have, focus on things you do have no matter how insignificant they may seem.  You’ll be surprised at the pleasure these small joys will bring you.

Believe in Yourself!

I was afraid of changing neighborhoods when I moved. I wanted to stay close to my family but what good would that have done? I want to live my own life, make my own mistakes and find my own solutions to my problems ? I had to move far enough away so that going to my parents would make me hesitate.  Like ” do I really want to drive 30 minutes to go all the way home?” I had to make adjustments from living with 8 people to living alone.  No one likes change and that’s normal but it is absolutely crucial for your wellbeing, success and personal development that you do not remain comfortable too long.

Rather than missing my ex, the moments and focusing all my energy on what was missing- I started slowly distracting myself by acknowledging all the good around me. It didn’t happen in one day but it was the greatest first step I could have made.
At first, it was as silly as: it’s sunny outside, I held the door for an elder man and he thanked me, I walked back from university with a homeless person chatting with me…

 Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. – Neale Donald Walsch

Disappoint Anyone You Want But Don’t Disappoint Yourself!
If you are like me, you may change your mind 18 000 times about what you want to do, where you want to go and that’s normal because there will always be obstacles in the way.

I had always wanted to be a lawyer since I was very young but I wasn’t the best scholar out there so I had to change directions.  For many years I told myself I would complete a bachelor’s degree at university, then apply to RCMP or the army since those fields were law-related.

Sure enough, you meet new people and they tell us what makes them happy and you think well maybe that will make me happy too. And that is fine because during that process, you will “borrow” some knowledge and meet more people and change your mind again.

You are the only one that is and will be steering your boat your whole life, nobody else. Make your own mistakes, build your own story, be you! Don’t worry about disappointing people because they will get over it and forget about it.

Set yourself Goals by writing them down
              You want something, well you need 2 things.  Will + Belief. You absolutely must have the BELIEF in what you are doing. Believe that you are meant for great things, that you will go far in life. That you will have your yacht one day if that’s what you want. Make your dreams, your reality!

Once you decide to write your goals down, you are clarifying exactly what you want because god knows your mind can sometimes drive you to a completely new situation, thinking about millions of things at the same time and you will forget about your original objective.

Once you have written it down, you will acknowledge it and take action.
Review your goals on a daily basis at first and then weekly and work your way up but DO NOT leave the sheet away from your eyesight! By doing so you are also working on conditioning yourself to a new mindset and focusing on this one clear and compelling desire you have.

Don’t Fear the Change

“The journey is the reward.” ~Chinese Proverb
sarahThe Basics to Finding Happiness