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Who we let in our lives is essential to the script writing of who we choose to be.

Let me shed a bit more light on this latter.

By letting people in our lives, we are empowering them to be part of the moulding of who we become by default.

As much as some will argue that if you are raised in a good family then you are bound to have good values as you grow older…Well I care to disagree on this statement. let me tell you why.

Growing up, I witnessed my mother do some not so commendable things.  I spent a lot of time looking for my next shelter when I was in “the dog house”.

A day in my life that really marked me was when I was 15. I was at my best friends house and we went out for supper with her family. It was a great night but when I got back to Steph’s house, my mother was there and she yelled at me and dragged me in the car back home. Later that week, I went to see Steph but her mother took her aside and told her that she didn’t want me to befriend her anymore. According to her mother, I wasn’t from a normal family and I could just bring trouble into her life. I didn’t understand her mother then but I do now and I do not judge her for wanting to protect her daughter.

So I simply accepted because I didn’t have much choice and said my goodbyes. My mother is no longer part of my life and a lot of positive things have come from that decision. I have surrounded myself with like-minded people that are constantly competing with themselves instead of against others. They are students of life as I like to refer to them or ” Philomath’s”. These people make me want to become wiser, work harder, dream bigger and believe more. That to me, is the mantra to a healthy successful life.

Again, the beauty of it all  is that who we are stems from the people around us not from those who raise us or those who’ve harmed us in the past. And thankfully that is a choice you could make. Sometimes in life, you will have to make tough decisions and these latter determine whether you will rise or fall.

If you try to grow a plant in a pot full weeds, do you think it will flourish or will  it wither to an unappealing brown?

sarahWho is in your circle of Influence?