I found this quote and unfortunately I couldn’t find who was the brilliant person who wrote this but he said it all in just a few words.

It’s the difference between two perspective of Fear  !

The instinctive one is when fear is known as a concept that paralyzes us in certain situations, suspends any decisions or course of action that we you may undertake. Then you have those who embrace their fears because they know that something great is on the other side that will change their lives forever.

Speaking for myself, my fears has held me back to take action many times. Feeling this brittleness when I wake up every morning. That draining feeling of energy, no matter how many hours you sleep.

I use to be afraid of the dark and small spaces until the age of 17.  I was playing hide and seek with my younger siblings. I was looking for them and ironically it was the “hider” that spooked the seeker in my situation.

A couple years later I was part of a organized trip to Israel and part of the itinerary activities was cave crawling. I never thought in a million years that this was going to impact the course of my life the way it did.

Day 3- as our bus arrived to destination, the guide stands before us and explains to us that basically once you are in, there’s no backing out. Moving space is extremely contracted and everyone breathes faster and deeper (hyperventilates) – its an automatic body response when your body feels distressed.  2 people will have headlights, the first person leading and last one.  He then warned us that if we had any doubts of not being able to do this, not to come.

Here I was, faced with an opportunity to face my fear of small spaces and darkness. Only 8 people out of 26 people got off the bus. Words escape me as I am trying to explain the fear that consumed me as I was of getting in this cave.

Soon after, I found myself on all fours completely blinded, suddenly conscious of the body warmth of the persons ahead and behind me.   My sense of touch became all important. I reminisce the dust sifting between my fingers and the sharp pebbles piercing my hands and knees. Every breath I attempted was so heavy . “Oh no” I thought ” please don’t hyperventilate”. I knew that if I started accelerating my intake of air, it was pretty much the end for me. So I reached ahead and held the ankle of the person in front of me hoping for comfort, but he was just as afraid as me. It was all up to  me now. Me and my mind. I was whispering to myself “just keep moving forward and just remember at the end of each tunnel, there’s a light. BREATHE.”

There it was, the end of the first hole. Finally being able to grasp all this air and feeling it rejuvenate every ounce of my body. If my body had a voice, I’m certain it would’ve said thank you Sarah. Getting out of this first hole was already a huge achievement that I needed time to process but then the leader says “look around, which hole do you think we need to take to get out of this cave. We all looked around and pointed at different directions but he then pointed at the smallest hole and said- This is the only way out alive. ” I looked at this hole and felt shattered inside by the amount of effort I had just laid into the first part. Nonetheless, I couldn’t stop there besides I didn’t have much of a choice.

The moment I looked at this hole, I had a choice to make which was far greater than the action I was soon going to undertake. FEAR was standing before me and I chose to be the person that will not allow fear hinder me from achieving what I want. This day forward, I ultimately conditioned my mind to be stronger than my fears.  I was completely aware that I had created this opportunity the second I got off  the bus and stepped into this cave.

And at the very end of this tight dark hole, when my forehead was inches away from the ceiling and my chest was practically touching the rocky foundation, I saw a light.  This event brought me in my worse discomposed state and I overcame it and saw that glim of light in the horizon. It was the most beautiful light I had ever seen and I’m sure you can understand why.

You see,  this situation is no different than the difficulties you face in your life. I was faced with a blockade and I had to make a choice just like you do, every single day of your life. What choice are you making today that will change your life for the better ?

Which person do you choose to be TODAY? One who choose how to live your life or one who  chooses to let other people or events choose for you

When you choose to be the captain of your soul, you live your life on your terms, the way you  envision it. You don’t need to impress  or disappoint anyone around you,  just don’t disappoint yourself.

By facing your fears you are conditioning your mind to achieve anything you can Imagine. Success is the result of not being afraid to take a risks and not setting limits for yourself.  Think Big ! Anything you can imagine, can become reality.

At the end the day we can point fingers at everyone around us and figure out why they were successful – was it luck ? or a product of family circumstances ? or we can choose to look at the “Outliers” who started with practically nothing and made their own luck like Oprah – Larry Ellison – Steven Job- Paul Mitchell – David Murdock.

Through a gradual process of hard work and perseverance, never being satisfied with previous performances, you become the greatest. Every day is a new beginning and  you have the chance to become a better person than you were yesterday.

No one got where they are today through walks in the park. There will always be dream killers, there will be those that want to see you fail and hopefully some that support you. But no matter what, you are the only one that can change your life.  Stop procrastinating and holding yourself back from reaching your inner potential and become that person you want to be.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”Aristotle

Until next time,

Sarah Bismuth

sarahOvercoming Your Fears