Did you ever sit back and ponder about how many times you wonder? seems to me like short of 2 months ago I had started not one but two draft of a post in regards to the many questions we may desperately search for answers and maybe to afraid to find.

Frustration, lack of control,instability, perplexity are all things that we feel in those moments. We don’t know, we wonder if the choices we made are the right ones like whether ending a friendship that does not flourish or nourish… was it the right choice ? or the things you revealed to someone such as a judgement that may have been better left to yourself … leaving us with perhaps a feeling of guilt.

No one is perfect but realization is the greatest pillar to accepting and moving on to greater things.

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  • How fortunate am I to have a brother, sisters, friends, nieces in my life …
  • How fortunate am I for having a heartbeat pounding in my chest every morning… given a second chance to be better than who I was yesterday
  • How fortunate am I to have a healthy family no matter how dark and agonizing was our past
  • How fortunate am I to have had the strength to forgive those whom have harmed me and accepted the past to have made me who I am today but will never determine who I shall become 
  • How fortunate am I for living independently, attended higher education studies, a steady income
  • How fortunate am I for being able to share my deepest emotions to people like you who is reading this page.. Thank you

I wake up every morning no matter how many hours or minutes I have slept or my failures and success’s of past performances because I choose today to be a wonderful day and be great.

I wish to all whom come across this post to believing in creating your own vision.

creating your own vision

Be you, everyone else is taken and don’t be afraid of not knowing all the answers. It will come when you will have asked the right questions.
T, you were right-  The rainbow finally appeared after this everlasting storm… thank you for believing in me.

Until next time,

Sarah Bismuth

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