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A couple weeks ago I added a woman online marketer to my Facebook page and she just happens to be another piece of my puzzle. You know this feeling I am sure… it’s when someone comes into your life and supplies you with the missing information you’ve been looking for all this time.  Well, this is precisely what happened to me.  After several interactions, explaining to her what I was doing and what my ambitions were,  she referred me to MarieTV A.K.A Marie Forleo.

So I went to visit this Marie Forleo page and I instantly fell in love with what she was doing but she impressed me even more with all her trials and tribulations that brought her to where she is today.

Marie Forleo graduated in Finance with honors and then was among the few who got a job on the stock market. After about 18 months, she realized that she had a bigger purpose in life and so she quit and ventured into something she really enjoyed which was arts. Soon after she became chief editor for Mademoiselle Magazine but again as much as fashion fulfills so many women out there, it didn’t completely do it for her.

One day, Marie came across an article about life coaching and there it was, that feeling that just so strongly felt right and lit her up. She declined a vogue chief editor position and started coaching while being a bartender and a hip hop instructor.

You see Marie would have never known what her true passion was unless she had taken a risk and started over all those times but she persisted until it felt right in her bones !

YES ! it’s scary to find yourself having to start over when you’ve probably put forth so many things but if you are not happy then why settle for less ?

The blunt truth is that there’s no easy way of knowing if your choices will make you happy unless you take a leap and do it !

I found mine through my Focus Wall. Every time I have friends over they seem to be keen on what I like to call , the ‘FOCUS WALL’ and they thought I should share this with you.  This is how it works.

Whenever I asked myself a question, instead of letting my mind process the questions but never finish the thought because let’s face it, we’re easily distracted, at least I know I am, I write it on a big white sheet followed by a bunch of little post it with the answers that I do know. Things have a way of working out when you lay things down, it really provides you with clarity. Think of it as your map in a jungle.

[title_small title=”Some questions you may want to ask yourself to start off are:” /]

[list bullet=”orange”]

  • Where am I now ?
  • Where Do I want to be ?
  • What are my 3 main goals ?
  • Why do I want this ?
  • How can I get there ?

Write out your Strengths and Weaknesses  and look at your wall every day until you’ve established that hey ‘ I have clarity ! I know where I’m heading !’

You will soon realize that over time you will find more reasons and start updating your goals and tracking your progression. Feel free to expand your ‘focus wall’ and be creative, add some colors and smileys.

Most importantly, Celebrate your accomplishments and please share them in the comment below !

Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” ~Dennis Waitley

Until next time,

Sarah Bismuth

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