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Jamal de Jong is a deaf artist, half dutch/afro american born Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta. He was raised in Nova Scotia from a family of four including his mother, stepfather and twin sister who is also an artistic talent as a singer. He now lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he acquired a major in painting and drawing from Concordia University in 2008.

Even though Psychology is his first degree from Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, he maintained consistency in exploration and development while working with professors on the study of autism, as well as teaching English to South Koreans from children to adults, and fine arts to children with disabilities.  He has had a few international group shows including Tomorrow Stars, the Verge Art Miami Beach Annual Exhibition in Miami, Florida; the Rob McNamara Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, and Emanation, a Collective Art Exhibition in Los Angeles, California and has been published in a few international magazines including Art and Beyond, ArtAscent and Peripheral Arteries.

As a deaf artist, his goal is to share experiences with others in hopes of a common understanding and make awareness the importance of deafness in our daily lives.

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